Landgate AVS

Landgate AVS is a non-commercial address verification service designed to enable WA public sector agencies to verify address information against authoritative street address data and to help meet Australian standards for the storage and exchange of street address information.

Landgate AVS acts as an enabler for WA Public Sector entities to comply with the  Address Management Policy (AMP) [PDF 0.5MB]. Please see our Latest News article to learn more about the AMP and the Street Address Improvement Programme (SAIP).

Landgate AVS comprises two distinct but complimentary offerings;

  • Landgate AVS - Batch
  • Landgate AVS - Point of Entry (PoE)

Batch Verification

Agencies can engage with Landgate and supply their address file which is then verified using the Batch verification service. The verified address output file will be returned to the agency along with documentation on how to interpret the results. Landgate provides expert advice and consultancy to assist with correct formatting and understanding the results.

Point of Entry (PoE) Verification

To enable consistent data quality within a verified dataset, Landgate now have a PoE (Point of Entry) Address Verification web service available under annual access subscription terms. This service enables simple address verification at the point of entry where a single address is entered, validated and the correct or closest addresses returned. Agencies will need to do some development work in their environment to integrate and call the PoE web service from their application(s) and business systems. As with the Batch Bureau service, Landgate provides expert advice and consultancy to assist with setting custom PoE workflow requirements if so desired.

For more detail about the full Address Verification Service offering, please refer to the Landgate AVS Product Description [PDF 0.9MB].

Evaluation (Trial) Point of Entry AVS

Landgate have developed a Trial PoE Address Verification Service for evaluation purposes that allows for informed decision making and ensuring the service is right for your business needs. For more detail please refer to the Trial AVS Product Description [PDF 0.9MB].

To obtain further information about Landgate AVS and to discuss your needs please contact:

Customer Service on +61(8) 9273 7373 and ask to speak to an Account Manager or email:

This page was last updated on: 11 Sep 2020