Location Information application form

Please note: this form allows you to type into the text fields and then save the form to your computer. For Google Chrome users, it is recommended you save the form first, open it in Adobe reader and complete the form. The form can then be emailed to us.

Application form Size Format
Application - Value Added Reseller - Commercial Products  0.82MB PDF
Application - Value Added Reseller - SPUR Start-up 0.72MB PDF
Application - Value Added Reseller - Property Information 0.72MB PDF
Application - Broker - Title Products 0.83MB PDF
Application - Broker - Commercial Products 0.44MB PDF
Application - Location Information - Sample 0.29MB PDF
Application - Location Information - Subscription 0.18MB PDF
Application - Location Information - Transaction 0.31MB PDF
Application - Distributor 0.40MB PDF
Application - SLIP  0.32MB PDF
Application - Publication 0.03MB PDF

This page was last updated on: 11 Sep 2020