Working with Landgate

Landgate is responsible for maintaining an authoritative source for Western Australia's land information.

Combining modern technology with efficient land administration procedures, Landgate delivers a broad range of land and property related location information, data and services to state, national and international customers in government, the private sector and the community.

Accessing Landgate Data

The use of all Landgate data is governed by terms and conditions which may be displayed in a copyright notice, an online ‘click accept’ licence or, detailed in a more comprehensive hard copy licence.

Landgate has a comprehensive suite of licenses to accommodate a variety of needs whether you:

  • want to trial or test some data before buying;
  • need data for your internal business operations; or
  • want to deliver commercial products or services using the data.

Prices vary depending on the way you plan to use the data.

Our first step is to understand how the data will be used.

For example, a typical start-up journey might see you move through one, two or even three licences as you trial, develop and then commercialise your product.

To find out what licence may suit your needs you can use the below decision matrix or, contact our Business Solutions Team +61(8) 9273 7683, Our Business Solutions Team can also help to identify potentially suitable data.



This page was last updated on: 07 Dec 2022