Tenure data

The tenure dataset contains information about the ownership of freehold land and vesting of Crown land in Western Australia. Tenure data is gathered from registered transfer of land documents as part of the document registration process. 

Tenure data contains owners' name information and is subject to strict licensing conditions.

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Tenure data gives you:

  • unique PIN number, which enables linking the tenure data to the spatial cadastral dataset land parcel
  • register number
  • land parcel address
  • land parcel area
  • owner name (subject to privacy conditions)
  • date of acquisition
  • lot on plan.

Supply format

Tenure data is supplied in Comma Separate Value (.csv) format only


Available for all freehold and Crown land parcels within Western Australia.

Data dictionaries

Tenure data dictionary

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Document format Size Format
Tenure data - .CSV 0.37MB Tenure data - .csv

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Transactional (once-off) price per 10 records - $3.20


Annual ongoing access. Prices for annual access are based on the number of users (seats) who will have data access.

Access to tenure data over the entire State and metropolitan area:

Number of Seats1-2 Seats3-10 SeatsCorporate
Price per 10 records$0.360$0.690$1.700

Access to tenure data over a custom area of interest:

Number of Seats1-2 Seats3-10 SeatsCorporate
Price per 10 records$0.680$1.360$2.730

Digital data extracts are subject to extraction and data costs. The extraction cost is $$187.0 per hour, with a 1.5 hour minimum ($280.50). Additional charges may apply. Please complete and return a request form for a formal quote.

Please see Licensing for conditions of use.

We have a series of standard licences covering the supply of Landgate data for use within a customer's business and for those wishing to operate as a commercial partner. Descriptions and samples of our licences are available.

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