Integrated Cad/Ten/PSA

This data set contains integrated cadastral polygon, ownership and property street address data for Western Australia.

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Integrated Cad/Ten/PSA data gives you:

  • Cadastral Polygons
  • Interest Polygons
  • Building Strata Lots
  • Multi Register Lots
  • Street Addressing (Land Parcel and Strata)
  • Property ownership details

Supply format

Integrated Cad/Ten/PSA data is supplied in Shape files and File Geodatabase formats

Data dictionaries

Integrated Cad/Ten/PSA data dictionary

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The quickest and easiest way to purchase data is to fill out and return a completed request form by clicking the order now button below. We will provide you with a quote before we extract and deliver the data.

Sample data

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Transactional (once-off) price per 10 records - $3.20


Annual ongoing access. Prices for annual access are based on the number of users (seats) who will have data access.

Access to Integrated Cadastre/Tenure/Property Street Address data over the entire State and metropolitan area:

Price per 100 Cadastral polygons $1.35
Price per 100 Tenure records $0.58
Price per 10 Property Street Address records $0.85

Access to Integrated Cadastre/Tenure/Property Street Address data over a custom area of interest:

Digital data extracts are subject to extraction and data costs. The extraction cost is $182.60 per hour, with a 1.5 hour minimum ($273.90). Additional charges may apply. Please complete and return a request form for a formal quote.

Please see Licensing for conditions of use.

We have a series of standard licences covering the supply of Landgate data for use within a customer's business and for those wishing to operate as a commercial partner. Descriptions and samples of our licences are available.

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