Topographic Subscription Services

Landgate's SLIP Topographic services gives you a state-wide view of the natural and man-made features containing topographic themes of relief, hydrography, cultural and morphology (land forms). The data is sourced from Landgate’s Topographic GeoDatabase and is divided into two services – large scale and medium scale.

Key information and attributes

transport, industrial, hydro, relief (contours, spot heights), building outlines, feature level capture date and last modified date.

Geometry type: point, line, polygon

Update cycle: as required

Coverage: Large Scale – Metropolitan Perth, major regional centres; Medium Scale – whole of state

Data download: yes

You can access more service information including layer data dictionaries at and

You can find map and web service URLs at and

Need help?

You can contact our Business Sales and Service team on +61 (0)9273 7683 or email for more information on SLIP subscription services.

This page was last updated on: 04 Mar 2020