Administration boundaries​

Administrative boundary subscription service

SLIP Administrative boundary subscription service gives you access to information about major administrative boundaries within Western Australia. Layers within the map include Localities, Port Authorities, Electoral Districts and Regions and Local Government. Data, updated daily, is sourced from the Spatial Cadastral Database.

You should not rely on the information contained within this service for legal purposes and instead refer to the original statutory documentation.

Key information and attributes

polygon area, unique identification number, wards, electoral, local government, locality, townsite, naming.

Geometry type: polygon

Update cycle: daily

Coverage: whole of state

Data download: yes

Accuracy: Administrative boundaries have extents that are defined under legislative requirements (both State and Federal). Administrative boundaries within the service are linked to the State's Spatial Cadastral Database (SCDB) and therefore carry the same point/line accuracies. This service should not be relied upon for legal purposes.

You can access more information including layer data dictionaries and map and web service URLs at DataWA through the link below:

Administrative Areas Service

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This page was last updated on: 17 May 2022