SLIP subscription services​​​​​

Our SLIP subscription services give you access to popular location information including imagery, cadastre (land parcel and boundary details), tenure (ownership and certificate of title information), topography, road centreline, property street address and much more.

Our LandInfo WA package gives you access to a packaged SLIP subscription service containing valuable land information from state government agencies, all in one place. This service, aimed at government and land developers, includes critical layers from each of the subscriptions as well as free public layers sourced from SLIP.

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Administration boundaries​

Access our Administrative Boundary data including Local Government, Marine Parks, Port Authority, Water Control Areas, Estate Areas and more.


The Landgate Basemap combines multple Landgate datasets to deliver a basemap service for Western Australia


This service contains information on all of Western Australia's land parcels (freehold and Crown land).

Crown reserves

Access our Crown Reserves data with information including management orders, reserve purposes, areas and much more.


Access the latest high resolution imagery for WA. Our imagery services also include historical imagery and more.

Points of interest

Our POI data contains information relating to specific locations of public interest and includes natural and manmade features.

Property street address

Access WA's authoritative property street address data in the Australian Standard (AS4590) format and complex strata address information.

Road centreline​​

Our road centreline data provides a comprehensive depiction of the state’s road and tracks system.


Access certificate of title details including ownership, land type and other certificate of title information.


Access our Topographic information including relief, hydrography, cultural, morphology (land forms) and more.

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