Reconciliation Action Plan

Our commitment to Reconciliation

Reconciliation is at the heart of Landgate’s goal to develop an inclusive and diverse workplace, representative of our stakeholders in Western Australia. Our reconciliation journey is of vital importance not just to this agency, but to the State, as we are committed to telling the truth about our past and taking action for a better future. The Landgate of today and tomorrow continues to work on reconciling our past and to move forward positively, constructively and in partnership with all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

What is a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP)?

A RAP provides a framework for organisations to support the national reconciliation movement.

A RAP is a strategic document which sets out the minimum elements required for an organisation to build strong relationships as well as practical actions that assist in driving an organisations contribution to reconciliation.

Our Innovate RAP

Landgate'e Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan

Our Reflect RAP

Landgate'e Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan
[PDF, 7.5MB]

This page was last updated on: 28 Nov 2022