Bulletins & guides

Within Landgate, there are a number of staff who perform designated functions under various acts. These include the Commissioner of Titles, Registrar of Titles, Valuer-General and Surveyor-General. In performing their statutory role, these office-holders ensure business, government and the general community are kept informed of industry best practice and news and legislative changes as soon as they happen. They communicate timely information by issuing a range of Gazette Notices, email bulletins, newsletters and updates.

Valuer-General publications

The Valuer-General publishes bulletins, notices and reports for government, industry and the general community to stay up-to-date with rating and taxing information and legislative changes and reform.

Customer information bulletins

Customer Information Bulletins (CIB) are published by Landgate to inform the property industry and general community about changes to practice and procedures in the land registration process.

Surveyor notices

Survey notices provide advice on changes to Landgate’s practices and procedures relating to surveys and survey plan lodgement, and are generally for the use of surveying professionals.

Land Transactions toolkit

To keep up to date with changing legislation and best practice, consult the latest policy and procedure guides and brochures.

This page was last updated on: 21 Jun 2019