Executive summary

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During the year, significant progress was made in advancing Landgate’s business improvement program Transform. Opportunities to improve the structures, processes and technology across operational and shared services functions were identified and implemented. A significant portion of the business transitioned to new structures, capitalising on efficiencies brought about through new technology and building greater capability.

Landgate implemented its new cloud based land registration system, which has resulted in cost saving and efficiency gains through automation of registration processes. Landgate also completed preparatory work for the reform of its plan lodgement system and processes.

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Land registry commercialisation project (Advara)

The land registry commercialisation project, sponsored by Landgate’s Innovation Program, reached a significant milestone during the year with Cabinet’s approval of the creation of a new company called Advara. Incorporated in December 2015, Advara is the vehicle through which Landgate and its partners will pursue commercial opportunities for Landgate’s new land registry platform in other jurisdictions.

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Landgate’s leadership role in encouraging the adoption of e-conveyancing by the conveyancing industry continued during the year, and the number of transactions conducted electronically through PEXA showed a sustained increase. Preparatory work was also completed on a number of regulatory and process reforms to support the use of the electronic channel for property transactions.

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SPUR, Landgate’s new location and innovation hub was launched by the Minister for Lands Terry Redman in April. A key component of the Location Information Strategy, the hub promotes collaboration and acceleration of new ideas across industry, government and academia to drive greater benefits to the state.

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Legislative reform

Over the past 12 months, Landgate completed extensive work and consultation to deliver the final recommendations for Strata Titles Act reform. Landgate has continued to support drafting of the Bill and consult with key stakeholders about the reforms.

Landgate also progressed amendments to the Sale of Land Act 1970, with the Sale of Land Amendment Bill 2016 introduced in Parliament on 23 June.

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