Authority overview

Landgate is the trading name of the Western Australian Land Information Authority. It is a statutory authority with commercial powers established under the Land Information Authority Act 2006 and is accountable to the Minister for Lands.


Caroline de Mori


Caroline de Mori was appointed as Chair of the Landgate Board for a three-year term on 1 August 2015. Ms de Mori is the founder and Chair of the EON Foundation and is currently a member of the University of Western Australia Centre for Regional Development Advisory Council. Ms de Mori previously held the roles of Deputy Chairperson and Director of LandCorp from 2009 to 2015. In 2013 she received the Local Hero of the Year Award for her work as an Indigenous health advocate.

Roger Hussey, LLB (WA) MA (Oxon) Business (Stanford)

Deputy Chairman

Roger Hussey joined the Landgate Board in October 2012. Roger’s career has focused on business management and commercial activities. He was Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Century Holdings Ltd and Chair of other ASX companies involved in mining and industrial activities. Roger has also been a senior strategy consultant with large international consulting firms, KPMG and Deloitte, leading large-scale organisational projects for government and business clients. Roger has also chaired many government and community bodies, such as Princess Margaret Hospital, Telethon Child Health Research Institute, Agwest Trade Development, TAB (WA) and the Bali Eye Foundation.

Anne Arnold BEc MAICD

Anne Arnold joined the Landgate Board in January 2013. She chairs the Audit and Risk Committee. Most recently, she was Chief Executive of the Real Estate Institute of WA. Previously, she held senior positions in a number of private and government organisations. Anne has served on various boards and committees and is currently Chair of the Heritage Council of Western Australia and a Director of Southern Cross Care. Anne holds a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Western Australia.

Claire Poll, BA BJuris LLB

Claire Poll joined the Landgate Board in February 2012. She is a legal and corporate executive with over 25 years experience working at board and senior management level in technology-based companies including biotechnology, information technology and communications. Claire has led strategy and corporate development for both small start-ups focused on growth and financing, and for large mature organisations focused on corporate transformation and investing in next generation assets and technology. Claire is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Western Australia and a Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment from the Securities Institute of Australia.

Paul White, BSc BEng MBA

Paul White joined the Landgate Board in 2009. He has significant expertise in information technology, strategic planning, project management and the implementation of technology-based solutions. Currently, Paul is Chief Executive Officer of The Tailor Made Spirits Company, which produces and markets boutique Australian spirits. Paul is also on the board of earthmine Australia, which provides services for the collection, processing and delivery of 3D street-level imagery in the Australian and New Zealand marketplace. He graduated from the University of Western Australia with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Honours) and Computer Science. He also holds a Master of Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA.

Ian Macliver, BCom, FCA, SF Fin, FAICD

Ian Macliver is a chartered accountant with many years experience as a senior executive and director of both resource and industrial companies, with particular responsibility for capital raising and other corporate development initiatives. Mr Macliver is Managing Director of Grange Consulting Group Pty Limited, which provides specialist corporate advisory services to both listed and unlisted companies.

Mike Bradford, BSurv MMngt Stud

Chief Executive

Mike Bradford was appointed Chief Executive of Landgate in June 2009. He has led the transformation of the business, including founding a new commercial sales team and the development of a Location Information Strategy for WA. Mike has international experience managing land information products and services, including topographic map production, satellite remote sensing and geographic information systems. He is experienced in strategic planning and the management of complex information technology projects. He has also been instrumental in several cross-government initiatives. Mike is Deputy Chair of the Australia New Zealand Land Information Council and holds a Bachelor of Surveying Degree and a Master in Management Studies (Project Management).

Corporate Executive

Jodi Cant, BEc GAICD

General Manager, SPUR

Jodi Cant joined Landgate in 2004 and was appointed to the Executive team in October 2009. Jodi developed and implemented the Landgate Innovation Program, a first for the state government. Jodi has worked in both the private and not-for-profit sectors with extensive experience in strategic planning, organisational transformation and marketing and communications. Jodi is the Chair of earthmine Australia and a board member of PSMA Australia. She is a creative thinker and an effective team builder. Jodi holds a Bachelor of Economics Degree from the University of Western Australia, is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a Fellow of Leadership WA and a CEDA Trustee.

Andrew Fernandez

General Manager, Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

Andrew Fernandez joined Landgate in August 2012 as General Manager Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. Andrew brings to Landgate a results-driven, commercial focus that aligns customer satisfaction with financial results. Drawing on a wealth of executive management, customer service and sales experience from previous roles in the telecommunications, IT and health sectors, Andrew is passionate about implementing changes to the way Landgate views and engages with its customers, as well as how it takes its offerings to market. Andrew is leading his team to deliver greater value to the authority’s customers and raise the public profile of Landgate. Andrew has completed various executive programs at the Australian School of Management, Harvard Business School and similar institutions.

Alison Hodge, MA (Merit), BA, Grad Dip Bus Admin, GAICD

General Manager, Strategy, People and Performance

Alison Hodge joined Landgate in 2013 with more than 20 years of progressive strategic and operational experience. During her corporate career, she has led diversified sales, marketing and customer teams for large global organisations through to entrepreneurial start-ups, and public/private partnerships. As a consultant she worked with leading organisations in professional services, construction and owner-managed businesses. Alison has a proven ability in designing and implementing actionable strategies focused on driving growth. Skilled at implementing change programs, she adopts a practical ‘real life’ approach to ensure outcomes are achieved. She has a Master of Arts (with Merit) from the University of Sydney, where she achieved first place for her research dissertation, a Bachelor of Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

Bruce Roberts, BJuris LLB

General Manager, Operations

Bruce Roberts joined Landgate in 1993. Prior to being appointed General Manager Operations in December 2011, he held the positions of Registrations Branch Manager, Registrar of Titles, Manager Legal Services and Deputy Commissioner of Titles. Bruce has worked on Landgate’s major legislative reforms, including the changes to the Transfer of Land Act 1893, which enabled WA’s digital land title register. He was instrumental in developing the Land Administration Act 1997, which created the single title registration system for private and Crown-owned land in WA. He is also currently leading the Strata Title Reform program for Landgate, which will deliver new strata development options of community title schemes and leasehold stratas along with improved dispute resolution, vendor disclosure, strata management, staged development, and termination of strata schemes under the Strata Titles Act 1985. He is also leading significant amendments to the Sale of Land Act 1970, to provide improved community consumer protection and certainty of property rights. He has worked on international projects establishing land title systems in Asia. He was the inaugural Chair of the Australian Registrars National Electronic Conveyancing Council of Australia. Bruce holds a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Jurisprudence.

John Wreford, BEng GradDipBus MCom (Electronic Commerce) CPA CISA

General Manager, Finance, Information and Legal Services

John Wreford joined Landgate as General Manager Finance, Information and Legal Services in 2011. John’s experience in the private sector in accounting, banking, IT, legal services and capital markets has contributed a commercial edge to Landgate’s investment, operational and strategic decisions. This has helped Landgate increase profitability and productivity in the business through close attention to cost management and sourcing. John is the portfolio director for the New Land Registry commercialisation initiative at Landgate. John is currently completing his PhD by research in the outsourcing of information systems. He is a member of CPA Australia (Public Practice), the Australian Computer Society and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association.

Organisational structure

Image of Landgate's organisational chart featuring Hon Terry Redman MLA - Minister for Lands, Mike Bradford - Office of the Chief Executive, Andrew Fernandez - Sales, Marketing and Customer Service, Bruce Roberts – Operations, Jodi Cant - SPUR, John Wreford - Finance, Information and Legal Services and Alison Hodge – Strategy, People and Performance.

Outcome-based management framework

Landgate directly supported the state government’s goal of ensuring economic activity is managed in a socially and environmentally responsible manner for the long-term benefit of WA by:

  • underpinning the effective and efficient operation of the land and property market
  • supporting the state’s rating and taxing base
  • providing access to government location information to support sound decision making by government, industry and the community.

These contributions and their relationships to state government goals and authority outcomes are outlined below. Further details about Landgate’s contributions to the government’s goals and planned outcomes are outlined in the Significant achievements and the Disclosures and legal compliance sections of this annual report.

Shared responsibilities

Landgate is leading the implementation of the Location Information Strategy (LIS) in collaboration with the WALIS community. WALIS is a dynamic partnership of government agencies, businesses and educational institutions, working together to manage and promote the state’s geographic information.

State Cabinet approved the LIS in August 2011 and confirmed Landgate’s lead role in consolidating and managing the state’s location information asset on behalf of government.

The collaboration between Landgate and WALIS to implement the LIS will:

  • support the economic growth of the state by improving the access, use and integration of location information
  • provide location information to support sound planning and decision making for government, industry and the community
  • minimise the duplication of resources by collecting location data once and using it many times
  • reduce infrastructure cost and maintenance for location information, resulting in more efficient use of funding across government
  • develop the location information industry through partnerships between industry and government, rather than direct competition, to provide new planning and decision-making support services, geographic information system (GIS) capabilities, data collection and maintenance services, and industry development opportunities.

Although Landgate is not directly responsible for the delivery of other agencies’ desired outcomes and services, we work with other agencies to deliver cross-government outcomes and provide benefits to government, industry and the community.

Government goal: Social and environmental responsibility. Ensuring that economic activity is managed in a socially and environmentally responsible manner for the long term benefit of the state. Landgate outcomes: The State’s administrative, commercial and social systems are supported by a land information base and certainty of ownership and other interests in land. Independent valuations support government’s collection of rates and taxes and management of property assets. Coordinated capture and access to the State’s location Information. Landgate services: Land Information - Information about land ownership, land boundaries and geographic features is collected, recorded and made available for use by government, business and the community, Secure property rights and land titles register underpins property market, Detail extent of interest and restrictions affecting use and enjoyment of private and Crown land, and Provision and integration of location information (maps, surveys, aerial and satellite imagery and property sales information) to support decision making. Valuations - An impartial valuation and property consultancy service,  Deliver fair, impartial valuations for state and local government and utilities that underpin the rating and taxing system, and Manage and value property assets on behalf of state and local government. Access to Government Location Information - Effective access to land and location information can be demonstrated by improved data capture, access and usability of location information, Location Information Strategy, Shared Location Information Platform, Coordinated and expanded Capture WA Program and Increase government agencies’ collaboration in location information to achieve greater efficiencies and improve decision making.

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