About us

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Who we are

Landgate is the government agency responsible for WA’s land and property information. We trace our history back to the state’s colonial days, when land was traded as the most available and tangible currency. Property rights continue to underpin the security and prosperity of our economy today.

Since 1829, Landgate and its predecessor agencies have been responsible for developing and maintaining a secure land administration system for WA. We remain committed to ensuring the integrity of the system and enhancing its value.

In 2007 Landgate became a statutory authority. Since then, we have commercialised our offering to deliver a broader range of products and services to Western Australians – providing even greater benefits to the state.

To do this, Landgate pursues opportunities for innovation and collaboration that extend current operations and develop the location information industry. We are leading the transformation of this sector to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to the state.

Landgate is recognised in government and industry for its leadership in innovation and customer service. As an innovation leader, we are constantly exploring ways to improve, and how we can give customers and the community even better products and services.

Land and property information links a range of economic, social and physical data to a geographic location to become ‘location information’. Location is so much more than a set of geographical coordinates. Location can – and should – provide critical information for better decision making by governments, business and the public.

Whether trying to determine where to build a new school, examine the impact of rising sea levels along our coast, or plan major developments in regional areas, reliable, relevant, easily accessible and cost-effective location information is vital.

It underpins the effective delivery of key state initiatives, including priority infrastructure programs, regional development, climate change adaptation, emergency services, crime prevention, urban planning and more.

What we do

Landgate maintains the state’s official register of land ownership and survey information for WA. By providing a secure land titles register, we protect the property wealth of the state and support the function of the state’s property market and economy.

We are responsible for providing independent and impartial land and property valuations to government, to support the determination of rates and taxes. Additionally, we value and maintain the register of the state owned property asset portfolio.

We capture and maintain the state’s geographic information, including aerial and satellite imagery and topography on behalf of government. And we provide this information to our business and government customers to support the provision of emergency services, planning and decision making for land use and infrastructure, and management of agriculture and natural resources.

Through our location technology hub, SPUR, Landgate leads collaboration and innovation across sectors to harness the value of location information for the benefit of the state. Our Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP) provides access to thousands of datasets held by various government agencies in WA.

Our services, projects and activities span the state and we have offices in Midland, Perth, Bunbury and Albany.

Our governance framework

Landgate is a statutory authority established under the Land Information Authority Act 2006 (the Act). We are governed by a Board that is accountable to the Minister for Lands for delivery of our services. Our profit is returned to the government as a dividend for the development of the state and reinvested in the business to improve systems and services.

Our commitments

Landgate is passionate about our customers and their needs. We have benchmarks for excellent customer experience and have committed to these in our Customer Charter. We report quarterly on our performance against these benchmarks, which revolve around wait times, response to feedback and system availability.

Our measures

In addition to our service commitments, Landgate conducts monthly customer service research, which is reported quarterly. This financial year, Landgate recorded 80 per cent of customers rating us eight, nine or 10 out of 10 for overall satisfaction. This result is reflective of ongoing changes across people, processes and systems. Customer sentiment throughout this period has concentrated on two key areas – customer service and ease of doing business with us online.

Our brand

This financial year, Landgate has worked on revitalising our brand to align it with our evolution into a business that is more commercially competitive and customer-centric. A strong refreshed brand helps us to better promote our products and services to customers and the community in a contemporary, clear and consistent way.

Through research and consultation with our people, we were able to develop a look and feel that accurately reflects Landgate’s rich history and bright future. Our brand triggers instant recognition of who we are and what we do.

Landgate’s revitalised brand communicates our reputation for quality services, products and systems.

Our values

Our values define the culture of Landgate and highlight what’s important to us. They guide how we behave and interact with our customers, our people and our community, who are at the heart of everything we do.

Our values are:

Image of Landgate's value commit and act

Commit and act
We do what we say we will do.
We take personal responsibility.

Image of Landgate's value dynamic and engaged

Dynamic and engaged
We are passionate, proud and enthusiastic.
We make it easy to do business with us.

Image of Landgate's value innovate and achieve

Innovate and achieve
We think about tomorrow in what we do today.
We celebrate success.

Image of Landgate's value honest and true

Honest and true
We are supportive and respectful.
We communicate openly.

This page was last updated on: 28 Jul 2018