Significant issues & trends

Government budget measures

The Western Australian economy is continuing to transition from its period of rapid growth. A weaker domestic economy and recent sharp declines in commodity prices are creating softer labour market conditions, slower population growth and a reduction in the government’s revenue base.

In recognition of the challenging fiscal environment, the State Government continues to implement a number of corrective measures across the public sector that ensure the delivery of key services and achieve cost savings.

Landgate is supporting the delivery of government reforms by helping agencies implement the expanded Government Land Asset Sales program. To ensure Landgate is addressing fiscal constraints, the authority will continue to implement its business improvement program to deliver enhanced productivity.

Property market

A large proportion of Landgate’s revenue is dependent on the activity of an often volatile property market. This year, the Western Australian property market has been weaker than expected.

With the softening of the economy and low consumer confidence, the outlook for the property market is predicted to remain subdued over the next few years.

Landgate is closely monitoring property market forecasts to ensure it is prepared for the future.

Future workforce

Almost half of Landgate’s staff are aged over 50 years, which has the potential to lead to a significant loss of corporate knowledge when they leave the workforce.

Landgate has commenced succession planning in key areas. Through its business improvement program, Landgate will deliver a knowledge management framework and automate business processes. A detailed operating model review across the business will also identify opportunities for workforce reform, focusing on Landgate’s future resourcing mix to optimise the value and performance of the workforce.

Identifying and capturing intellectual property, business rules and legal precedents is fundamental to addressing this issue, as is sourcing the right skills and capabilities in the future.

Open data

There is a global trend for government data to be openly accessible at little or no cost, easily discoverable, with no restrictions on use, reuse and redistribution.

The State Government approved an Open Data Policy during 2014/15 which encourages a consistent approach to open data across the public sector. The policy builds on the success of Landgate’s LIS and SLIP in increasing access to data.

Landgate will implement and maintain the policy and develop a plan which prioritises the release of high quality, high value data to the community. Landgate will also support other agencies in developing their agency-level open data policies.

National reform agendas

The recent introduction of national e-conveyancing through PEXA has demonstrated that significant economic benefits are being achieved through a collaborative approach to national reform.

As a result of the PEXA experience, there is an appetite for the convergence of land registry systems and processes. e-Conveyancing provides an enabler for this reform and Landgate is supporting industry uptake of PEXA as a priority.

Landgate is also monitoring the trend towards a national land administration service. It is pro-actively leading innovation and collaboration with the other states to support a more harmonised national land administration sector.

Commoditisation of information technology

Cloud infrastructure for delivering IT service solutions has become increasingly popular and will reduce infrastructure and service delivery costs.

Recognising these costs in the financial statements has the potential to impact the authority’s bottom line during transition, as new ‘software as a service’ costs are incurred and retiring systems are depreciated or written off.

A ‘greenfields’ reconstruction of Landgate’s core legacy systems is planned, which will provide a more flexible, responsive and cost-effective IT platform. This approach will ensure Landgate’s future systems environment has optimised architecture using ‘as-a-service’ offerings (Cloud). It also supports our engagement with PEXA and provides an opportunity for the automation and streamlining of business processes. In addition, it will provide the platform for future growth opportunities, including the potential consolidation of the national land administration environment.

Private sector partnerships

Landgate continues to explore opportunities to partner with the private sector to provide the authority’s data and services using jointly developed technology and intellectual property.

Through the planned Location and Innovation Hub, Landgate will leverage its reputation for cross-agency collaboration and leadership to provide an environment which connects the location, technology, education and investment sectors.

The hub will build relationships between government and industry, facilitate focused location technology innovation and nurture the development of the location technology industry to benefit the State Government and community.

Legislative reform to support government and community priorities

Landgate will continue to lead legislative reform to support government and community priorities. Reform of the Strata Titles Act 1985, for example, will provide more affordable, flexible housing options to support the state’s future growth. In addition, it will help make the Western Australian property market more attractive to potential investors and developers.

As part of its legislative reform program, Landgate will identify and prioritise a rolling program of work which enables the implementation of broader government and industry reforms and supports Landgate’s strategic ambitions.

Increasing customer expectations

Customers and their expectations are changing. Customers want to access services anywhere and at any time. They are informed and empowered. They want personalised product and service offerings and options for self service. They expect their communications to be monitored and responded to quickly and thoroughly.

To improve the customer experience, Landgate has used customer feedback to help shape a new website which is more user-friendly for desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Through its business improvement program, Landgate is also implementing a number of initiatives to keep our customers at the heart of everything we do. The Customer Relationship Management system will improve the way we engage with our customers. In addition, customer segmentation research is underway to better understand customer needs.

This page was last updated on: 28 Jul 2018