Our strategic alliances, partnerships and innovation – developing tomorrow’s business

Landgate is a world-leader in the management and use of location information and technology. The authority has an ongoing commitment to explore opportunities for further innovation and collaboration, locally and internationally, through business partnerships and alliances that harness Landgate’s unique resources, skills and knowledge.


Landgate is a leader and key supporter of innovation, research and development across the Western Australian public sector and an active member of the Western Australian Public Sector Joint Innovation Working Group.

The Innovation team ran an extremely successful communications and engagement program during the last 12 months. One of the highlights was Landgate’s Innovation Month. Held in March, it featured a series of information sessions for staff. Special guests were invited to speak and run workshops about creative thinking and mindfulness. Almost half of Landgate employees attended an Innovation Month event.

Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information

The Cooperative Research Centre for Spatial Information (CRCSI) is Landgate’s main vehicle for coordinating spatial research and development. Linked to the authority’s Innovation Program and led by the Business Development team, the key objective of the CRCSI is to investigate commercial opportunities.

Landgate is currently exploring the opportunities presented by agricultural research through the Biomass Business project.

Landgate’s Innovation Program has been strategically positioned to act as a conduit to transfer knowledge and technology between CRCSI researchers and Landgate staff. For example, an innovation project is currently underway to determine how new tools for automated feature extraction from imagery can be integrated into the authority’s business process to deliver improved efficiencies. The authority is making good progress towards creating an environment where research and innovation form the core of how we do business.

Sharing knowledge locally and internationally

Landgate’s reputation as a leader in the development of innovative land information solutions and delivery of quality professional training programs is demonstrated by its high success rate in winning funding from federal grants programs.

During the year, Landgate was awarded funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the delivery of three Australia Awards Fellowship programs. These programs aim to build capability and foster linkages with our developing neighbours in Asia and Africa.

Landgate shared its location information expertise with more than 30 land administration professionals originating from Bhutan, Cambodia, Lesotho, Nepal and the Philippines.

Landgate was delighted to host its first all-female fellowship from Nepal, Cambodia and Bhutan, who work in the land information sector in their respective countries.

Through these programs, Landgate contributes to the improvement of land governance in developing nations within the region.


During the year Landgate developed a new outreach program called HackED, aimed at igniting a passion for location information and technology in the next generation of young adults.

HackED will introduce high school students in years seven to 10 to the power of location information and technology. It will enable them to use it as part of problem-solving at school and everyday decision-making in their future workplace.

Developed in collaboration with the public, private, research and education sectors in Western Australia, HackED builds on the success of other ‘Hackfest’ events supported by the State Government, including GovHack and RIIT Unearthed.

Electronic Valuation Requests

Electronic Valuation Requests (EVR) are a great example of successful collaboration among government agencies to improve efficiency and client satisfaction. The new service, introduced by Landgate and the Office of State Revenue, has reduced turnaround times from 15 to five working days and also significantly decreased the use of paper.

Every year, Landgate’s Property and Valuation Service provides approximately 7,500 valuations to the Office of State Revenue for ‘related party’ transfers, such as the sale of property between family members. Previously these requests were processed manually and paper documents were couriered between the two agencies. This meant documents spent more time ‘on the road’ than the time it took to do the actual work.

The new EVR service has already led to an increase in customer satisfaction rates.

Bushfire-prone area mapping support

Over the last 12 months, Landgate provided technical support to the Office of Bushfire Risk Management to help create and maintain the state’s bushfireprone area dataset. Landgate will continue to update sections of the bushfireprone area dataset biannually, participate in the five-year review of the dataset and ensure it is publically available through SLIP and Landgate’s Property Interest Report.

Australia and New Zealand Land Information Council

Landgate represents the interests of Western Australia at the Australia and New Zealand Land Information Council (ANZLIC) and associated Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping (ICSM).

Over the last 12 months, ANZLIC and ICSM have been working towards the implementation of the Foundation Spatial Data Framework. The framework aims to provide a consistent national coverage of the best available, most current, authoritative source of spatial data for Australia, to serve the widest possible variety of users.

Multi-skilling our people leads to better service for customers

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, Landgate’s Customer Centre has undergone an organisational and technological transformation. Staff receive training across multiple disciplines within the agency supported by peer coaching and, where appropriate, task-based learning within specific business areas such as Registrations. This strategy enables knowledge transfer and a recalibration of roles from single-focus specialists to multifunction generalists.

New customer-focused and predominantly cloud-based technology such as Unified Communications, Customer Interaction Centre and Customer Relationship Management solutions have also been introduced. This ecosystem of people, process and technology positions Landgate to be able to adapt more readily to customers’ needs today and into the future.

This page was last updated on: 28 Jul 2018