About us

What we do

We maintain the state’s official register of land ownership and survey information for Western Australia. By providing a secure land titles register, we protect the property wealth of the state and support the function of the state’s property market and economy.

We are responsible for valuing the state’s land and property for government. Additionally, we value and maintain the register of the state-owned property asset portfolio.

We are the state’s trusted and respected source of land and geographic information for our private, business and government customers. This information assists decision-making, provision of emergency services, planning for land-use and infrastructure and management of agriculture and natural resources.

Our services, projects and activities span over 2.5 million square kilometres and we have offices in Perth, Midland, Bunbury and Albany.

Our structure

We are a statutory authority, managed by a Board which is accountable to the Minister for Lands for delivery of our services.

Part of our surplus is returned to the government as a dividend for the development of the state. The remainder is reinvested in the business for capital works to improve systems and services for the benefit of Western Australia.

Our values

At Landgate, our values define the culture of our organisation and highlight what’s important to us. They guide how we behave and interact with our customers, our people and our community.

Our values are:

Commit and act
We do what we say we will do.
We take personal responsibility.

Dynamic and engaged
We are passionate, proud and enthusiastic.
We make it easy to do business with us.

Innovate and achieve
We think about tomorrow in what we do today.
We celebrate success.

Honest and true
We are supportive and respectful.
We communicate openly.

This page was last updated on: 28 Jul 2018