Annual Report highlights

Landgate Annual Report 2014/15 Highlights. Landgate delivered a gross profit of $29.8 million - 15 per cent above budget despite a weaker than expected property market. Customer revenue was $128.6 million. Net assets were $201.4 million. Capital expenditure was $19.9 million. Landgate captured 206,235 square kilometres of aerial imagery which is roughly equivalent to the size of Victoria. Landgate completed 1.38 million valuations and created 33,988 lots. There were 356,010 documents lodged to Landgate and 209,000 phone customers assisted by Landgate. Fifty per cent of Landgate’s senior management team are women. Landgate’s initiatives include: Business improvement, Strata Titles Act reform, electronic conveyancing, regulated fees reform (pricing reform), customer relationship management, new IT strategy that enhances customer experience, location and innovation hub and amendment to the Valuation of Land Act 1978.

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