Landgate executive

Graeme Gammie

Chief Executive

Graeme joined the State Government as a Business Planning Consultant and Risk Manager for the Department of Contract and Management Services in 1997. Prior to joining the State Heritage Office in 2009, Graeme was the Department of Housing’s General Manager of Corporate Development Services and Executive Manager of Fremantle Prison.

During his six years at Fremantle Prison, he created a new vision for the development and sustainability of this significant State heritage site, establishing it as a premier heritage tourism attraction. He was also instrumental in the Prison’s entry in the new National Heritage List and for setting the ground work for its inscription in the UNESCO World Heritage in 2010 - making it the first built environment in Western Australia to receive this honour.

While at the State Heritage Office, Graeme oversaw major governance and operational changes within the organisation, leading to the State Government’s decision that the agency become its own department on 1 July 2014.

Graeme joined Landgate as the Chief Executive in March, 2019.

Travis Beasley

General Manager Strategy, Customers and Culture

Travis Beasley joined Landgate in February 2017 and is now the General Manager of Strategy, Customers and Culture – leading a diverse team that manages risk, reputation, people, customers, innovation, improvement, planning and policy.  His professional experience has been in the private sector, including listed entities, private companies and consultancies, predominantly in the communications and corporate affairs fields. At Landgate, Travis has previously been Director Strategic Communications and the Chief of Staff to the Chief Executive.

Trish Scully

General Manager Spur and Location Intelligence

Trish has over 24 years of experience in a variety of professional and leadership roles, including strategy, project management, business planning, communications, auditing, accounting, and corporate reporting. Trish joined Landgate in 2008 and recently was the Project Director responsible for leading Landgate’s Commercialisation Project in collaboration with the Department of Treasury. Trish is the General Manager for SPUR and Location Intelligence, where she leads the team through providing a supportive and collaborative environment to achieve results. Her diverse experiences and exceptional analytical capability adds significant value to the development and execution of the strategic direction of Landgate.

Bruce Roberts

General Manager Valuations and Property Analytics

Bruce Roberts commenced at Landgate in 1993 and has worked on major legislative reforms, such as changes to the Transfer of Land Act 1893 which enabled WA's digital land title register, and the creation of the Land Administration Act 1997 which created the single title registration system for private and Crown-owned land in WA. Bruce contributed to the drafting of the Land Information Authority Act 2006 which saw the creation of the Statutory Authority which operates as Landgate. Bruce has also worked on international projects establishing land title systems in Asia and was the inaugural Chair of the Australian Registrars National Electronic Conveyancing Council of Australia.

Carol Williams

General Manager Location Data Services and Business Enablement

Carol Williams is Landgate’s General Manager for Location Data Services and Business Enablement. Carol joined the agency in December 2015 as Program Manager, transforming Landgate’s customer, services and technology landscape. Carol has since worked across multiple streams of our business enhancing corporate governance, optimising the security of our information technology and information management. Carol brings extensive experience from a comprehensive range of industries including resources, government, financial services, agribusiness and professional services. Her multi-skilled capabilities and focus on continuous improvement adds great value to Landgate.

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