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Landgate hosts several other websites. These sites are strongly aligned to Landgate but have been built independently to ensure business, industry and the community has easy access to a wealth of location information needed to make better decisions.


What is SPUR? We are a location technology hub, powered by Landgate, with a proven track-record in innovation, ambitious to help your venture succeed. It doesn’t matter whether you are from government, or industry, a developer or start-up, a researcher or a business. SPUR brings together a selection of Landgate’s services in a fresh, dynamic way, to provide you with access to data, resources and key contacts, all in the one place.

Our aim is to nurture a pipeline of partnership, investment opportunities and support for emerging Western Australian based location technology businesses.


The Shared Location Information Platform (SLIP)

SLIP sources and maintains location information from across the public sector and beyond so you can spend less time discovering more. View, understand and share data easily within SLIP through Esri, or use in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other business applications.



Use Locate to map where you live, work and play. Popular searches include finding local schools, universities, hospitals, and emergency services, as well as transport infrastructure such as bus stops and routes, train stations, roads and rail lines. You can also find your electoral boundaries, historical maps and aerial photography and information from the most recent Commonwealth Census.


Satellite Remote Sensing Services (SRSS)

For anyone involved in agriculture, emergency management and land conservation this website demonstrates the benefits of Landgate's remote sensing specialist products and services. For the general community MyFireWatch uses satellite technology to map the location of fire hotspots, in real time.


Pastures from Space Plus

Pastures from Space Plus is an online tool providing Pasture Growth Rates (PGR), Feed On Offer (FOO), Total Dry Matter (TDM) and Greenness Imagery (NDVI). Originally developed in partnership with CSIRO and the Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA) – farmers, graziers and agronomists have worked with Landgate to produce a unique product that helps farmers turn pastures into profit. Using state-of-the-art satellite technology, historical data, and built-in calculators, farmers can easily make decisions on grazing, feed budgeting and fertiliser application.



Landgate's Innovation website showcases our highly-respected program integrating innovative thinking into our daily working life. The website provides a guide for other organisations who are keen to implement their own innovation program. It offers information and insights into the steps required to start a culture of innovation. These include the need to plan, engage and communicate, consider the technical systems required, identify funding and implement processes. 


Open data website

The purpose of the Western Australian Whole of Government Open Data Policy is to improve management and use of public sector data assets in order to deliver value and benefits for all West Australians. The website currently provides information about the policy, fact sheets and toolkits, and our new blog. In the coming months a full data catalogue will be available. You can also subscribe to receive news and updates from the Open Data WA team.


This page was last updated on: 27 Mar 2017