Surveyor notices

Advice on changes to Landgate's practices and procedures relating to surveys and survey plans is usually made through a circulation of 'notices to surveyors'. The notices have a 'T' prefix to distinguish them from notices sent to surveyors by the Land Surveyors Licensing Board.

It is recommended that surveyors add these notices to their copy of the Survey and plan practice manual.

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Table 1 A list of published notices to surveyors
T1/2022 Updates to CSD Editor & Digital Data Requirements0.15MBPDFJun 2022
T6/2021 Plan Template Requirements0.12MBPDFNov 2021
T5/2021  Seeking members for 3D Surveying Reference Group0.21MBPDFSep 2021
T4/2021 New CSD requirement: Road Widenings as lots0.3MBPDFJun 2021
T3/2021 Strata Plans: BA occupancy permit requirements0.06MBPDFApr 2021
T2/2021 Various plan matters0.12MBPDFMar 2021
T1/2021 Plan Lodgements - update0.19MBPDFFeb 2021
T7/2020 GDA2020 Implementation update0.15MBPDFAug 2020
T6/2020 WA Land Development - COVID-19 Recovery Stimulus Packages0.24MBPDFAug 2020
T5/2020 GDA2020 further update0.14MBPDFJun 2020
T4/2020 GDA2020 update 0.14MB PDF Jun 2020
T3/2020 Amended Strata Plan Templates 0.14MB PDF Apr 2020
T2/2020 New Digital Data Requirements: Strata Reform & GDA 2020 0.18MB PDF Apr 2020
T1/2020 Form 26 Lodgement Process (WAPC Certificate) 0.19MB PDF Mar 2020
T2/2019 Decomissioning of Field Record Email Lodgement 0.12MB PDF Sep 2019
T1/2019 Validation of Digital Data at Plan Lodgement 0.17MB PDF May 2019
T3/2018 Document numbers for 'lot sync' plans 0.21MB PDF Oct 2018
T2/2018 Revised Digital Data Format Specifications 0.13MB PDF Aug 2018
T1/2018 Decommissioning of ePlan Lodgement Application 0.22MB PDF Mar 2018
T8/2017 Miscellaneous updates to Plan practices 0.36MB PDF Sep 2017
T7/2017 Consultation period for draft revised guidelines 0.26MB PDF Sep 2017
T6/2017 Seeking members for Stakeholder Reference Group for New Land Registry - Plan 0.15MB PDF Aug 2017
T5/2017 Review of the Western Australian Land Surveyors Licensing Board Special Survey Area Guidelines 0.25MB PDF Jun 2017
T4/2017 Review of the Western Australian Land Surveyors Licensing Board Special Survey Area Guidelines 0.15MB PDF May 2017
T3/2017  All new plans to be lodged via the New Land Registry 0.10MB PDF May 2017
T2/2017 Landgate support for the recovery of communities affected by Flooding in WA 0.10MB PDF Mar 2017
T1/2017 Changing the way plans are created and lodged with Landgate 0.10MB PDF Jan 2017
T3/2016 Lodgement of Strata Forms 0.23MB PDF Jun 2016
T2/2016 Strata Plan Matters 0.18MB PDF May 2016
T1/2016 Landgate support for the recovery of communities affected by Bushfires in the Peel and South West regions of WA  0.15MB PDF Jan 2016
T3/2014 Amended templates 0.11MB PDF Dec 2014
T2/2014 Miscellaneous plan matters 0.12MB PDF Mar 2014
T1/2014 Special survey area plans 0.10MB PDF Jan 2014
T3/2013 Miscellaneous plan matters 0.11MB PDF Oct 2013
T2/2013 Strata plan matters 0.12MB PDF Apr 2013
T1/2013 Miscellaneous plan and survey matters 0.10MB PDF Apr 2013
T3/2012 Miscellaneous plan and survey issues 0.09MB PDF Aug 2012
T2/2012 Strata plan issues 0.06MB PDF Jun 2012
T1/2012 Strata plan issues  0.04MB PDF Apr 2012
T3/2011 Strata plan issues 0.04MB PDF Sep 2012
T2/2011 Strata plan issues 0.04MB PDF May 2012
T1/2011 Miscellaneous plan and survey issues 0.04MB PDF Apr 2011
T3/2010 Miscellaneous plan and survey issues 0.04MB PDF Oct 2010
T2/2010 Lot synchronisation 0.06MB PDF May 2010
T1/2010 Request to expedite the processing of plans and doc 0.03MB PDF Feb 2010
T4/2009 Miscellaneous plan and survey issues 0.07MB PDF Nov 2009
T3/2009 Miscellaneous plan and survey issues 0.07MB PDF Aug 2009
T2/2009 Planning and Development Act 2005 - matters affecting surveys and plans 0.01MB PDF Jul 2009
T1/2009 Miscellaneous plan and survey issues 0.05MB PDF Mar 2009
T2/2008 Planning and Development Act 2005 - time limits 0.05MB PDF Aug 2008
T1/2008 Strata plan issues depicting buildings on location plans 0.03MB PDF Jul 2008
T1/2007 Miscellaneous survey and plan issues 0.10MB PDF Jun 2007
T6/2006 Miscellaneous survey and plan issues 0.10MB PDF Aug 2006
T5/2006 Miscellaneous survey and plan issues 0.80MB PDF Jul 2006
T4/2006 Planning and Development Act 2005 - matters affecting 0.06MB PDF Jul 2006
T3/2006 The strata titles general amendment regulations 0.04MB PDF Mar 2006
T2/2006 Bringing forward anomalous interests on plans 0.09MB PDF Feb 2006
T1/2006 The strata titles general amendment regulations 0.04MB PDF Jan 2006
T7/2005 New forms: self assessment form, geodetic mark... 0.20MB PDF Nov 2005
T6/2005 Conversions to survey-strata 0.47MB PDF Nov 2005
T5/2005 Miscellaneous plan issues 0.20MB PDF Sep 2005
T4/2005 Registering interests over land 2.51MB PDF May 2005
T3/2005 Standard plan process 0.50MB PDF May 2005
T2/2005 Converting multi polygon multi tenure Certificates of Title 0.04MB PDF Mar 2005
T1/2005 Termination of survey-strata schemes 0.10MB PDF Mar 2005
T7/2004 Termination of survey-strata schemes 0.09MB PDF Mar 2004
T6/2004 Carbon rights, carbon covenants and tree plantations 0.08MB PDF Aug 2004
T5/2004 e-Lodgement of surveys 0.10MB PDF Apr 2004
T4/2004 Crown allotment numbers 0.04MB PDF Mar 2004
T3/2004 Requirement to lodge surveyor's reports 0.43MB PDF Feb 2004
T2/2004 Depiction of interests and notification on plans 0.04MB PDF Jan 2004
T1/2004 Surveys involving crown land 0.01MB PDF Jan 2004
T9/2003 e-Lodgement of plans 0.10MB PDF Nov 2003
T8/2003 e-Lodgement of fieldbooks 0.10MB PDF Nov 2003
T7/2003 Pre-allocation of plan and fieldbook numbers 0.08MB PDF Aug 2003
T6/2003 Termination of survey-strata schemes 0.07MB PDF Mar 2003
T5/2003 Lodgement of fieldbooks for survey-stratas 0.07MB PDF Mar 2003
T4/2003 Rural road dedications and non-extinguishment of native 0.04MB PDF Feb 2003
T3/2003 Intention of the plan 0.08MB PDF Jan 2003
T2/2003 Subdivision processes 2.40MB PDF Jan 2003
T1/2003 CSD files for easement plans: conversion plan update 0.01MB PDF Jan 2003
T9/2002 Stage merging and minimising balancing lots 0.01MB PDF Oct 2002
T8/2002 Cessation of duplicate plan maintenance 0.10MB PDF Sep 2002
T7/2002 Miscellaneous issues 0.18MB PDF Jul 2002
T6/2002 Survey index plans 0.04MB PDF Mar 2002
T5/2002 New CSD requirements 0.04MB PDF Mar 2002
T4/2002 Western Power easements 0.14MB PDF Feb 2002
T3/2002 Road dedication stamps on deposited plans 0.01MB PDF Feb 2002
T2/2002 Easements and covenants brought forward 2.49MB PDF Jan 2002
T1/2002 Residue land solutions 1.36MB PDF Feb 2002
T9/2001 Miscellaneous plan issues 0.03MB PDF Oct 2001
T8/2001 Strata plan issues 0.02MB PDF Jul 2001
T7/2001 Distribution of excess and redefinition plans 0.10MB PDF Jul 2001
T6/2001 New strata plan requirements 0.02MB PDF Jul 2001
T5/2001 Vesting lots on strata/survey strata plans 0.86MB PDF Jul 2001
T4/2001 New plan requirements 0.04MB PDF Jun 2001
T3/2001 Depiction of mineral reservations 2.19MB PDF Jun 2001
T2/2001 Applications for balance title - new requirements 0.01MB PDF Mar 2001
T1/2001 Easement plans 0.02MB PDF Mar 2001
T7/2000 Standard plan practices, plan edition numbers 0.22MB PDF Dec 2000
T6/2000 Balance lots 0.03MB PDF Dec 2000
T5/2000 Schedule of interests and notifications 0.06MB PDF Mar 2000
T4/2000 New plan practice 0.01MB PDF Mar 2000
T3/2000 Digital data format changers to lot identifiers 0.01MB PDF Mar 2000
T2/2000 Implementation of lodging of deposited plans 0.01MB PDF Mar 2000
T1/2000 Multiple sheet plans 0.02MB PDF Mar 2000
T4/1999 Vestings on strata plans - under section 20A TP 0.03MB PDF Apr 1999
T3/1999 Restrictive covenants - TLA Section 136D 0.01MB PDF Jul 1999
T2/1999 Early issue of title surveys 0.01MB PDF Apr 1999
T1/1999 Multiple sheet plans 0.01MB PDF Mar 1999
T5/1998 Multiple sheet plans 0.02MB PDF Oct 1998
T4/1998 Fieldbook presentation - early issue procedures 0.02MB PDF Oct 1998
T3/1998 Encumbrances over vesting land 0.01MB PDF Jun 1998
T2/1998 Responsibility for laser printed TLA diagrams 0.01MB PDF Jun 1998
T1/1998 Land titles survey and plan practice manual 0.02MB PDF Mar 1998

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Table 2 Information related to surveyor notices
Survey and plan guidelines for Western Power 0.05MB PDF Jan 2002

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