Customer information bulletins

Customer information bulletins (CIB) are published to inform you of changes to practice and procedures in the land registration process. Landgate is committed to keeping everyone in your business informed of the latest changes as they happen.

Changes published in these bulletins will often supersede information and instructions contained within the Policy and Procedure Guides (Practice Manuals) and/or previous bulletins. Details about the extent of superseded information will be contained within the bulletins.

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19/05/2023CIB 401: Gazettal of 2023-24 Landgate fees.
15/05/2023CIB 400: WA Operating Requirements Version 6.2
05/05/2023CIB 399: Removal of Duplicate Titles – Implementation date 7 August 2023
12/04/2023CIB 398: Landgate to launch new website
23/02/2023CIB 397: Resources available to explain changes to Duplicate Certificates of Title
17/02/2023CIB 396: Consultation Paper – Electronic Creation and Execution of Documents
30/01/2023CIB 395: Properties with multiple titles
09/01/2022CIB 394:2022 Strata Manager Annual Returns due 31 March, 2023
05/12/2022CIB 393: Christmas Opening Hours
22/11/2022CIB 392: Upcoming abolition of Duplicate Certificates of Title
26/10/2022CIB 391: Release of Residual documents for electronic conveyancing
30/09/2022CIB 390: Changes to Landgate’s Midland office Customer Service entry
21/09/2022CIB 389: Landgate opening hours for upcoming September public holidays
14/09/2022CIB 388: Updated Lodgement  Acceptability Checklist in relation to Family Court orders
12/07/2022CIB 387: New transfer, withdrawal of caveat and revocation of memorial eForms
17/06/2022CIB 386: Amendment of Strata Titles and Community Titles forms
17/06/2022CIB 385:  Further streamlining to conveyancing in WA as amendments pass Parliament
10/06/2022CIB 384: End of Financial Year document lodgement
08/06/2022CIB 383: Gazettal of 2022/23 Landgate regulated and associated fees increase
27/05/2022 CIB 382: 2022/23 Landgate regulated and associated fees increase
18/05/2022CIB 381: Impact of changes to execution of Land Registry documents by Australian companies
17/05/2022CIB 380: WA Operating Requirements Version 6.1
19/04/2022CIB 379:  Public consultation for the review of the Land Information Authority Act 2006 is now open
11/03/2022CIB 377: Consent letters for registration of land transactions under the WA Land Titles System
02/03/2022CIB 376:  Sympli lodges their first discharge of mortgage in WA
28/01/2022CIB 375: COVID-19 Response -  Remote witnessing of statutory declarations
19/01/2022CIB 374: Urgent Announcement - Landgate Public Counter closing at 2pm today Wednesday 19 January 2022
14/01/2022CIB 373: Electronic Conveyancing update - Sympli approved as an Electronic Lodgment Network Operator in Western Australia
15/12/2021CIB 372: First strata manager annual returns
6/12/2021CIB  371: Christmas opening hours
18/11/2021CIB 370:  Further consultation on Model operating Requirements draft version 7
16/08/2021CIB 369:  Model Participation Rules draft version seven consultation
21/07/2021CIB 368:  Model Operating Requirements draft version seven consultation
13/07/2021 CIB 367: Strata guidance - new direct phone number now available
09/07/2021 CIB 366: Landgate offices to resume normal service on Monday, 12 July 2021
09/07/2021 CIB 365: New Schedule of Unit Entitlements eForm
01/07/2021 CIB 364: WA’s new community titles law - forms and supporting guides now available
29/06/2021 CIB 363: Change in Landgate customer service arrangements
23/06/2021 CIB 362: End of Financial Year document lodgement
22/06/2021 CIB 361: Electronic Mortgages in Western Australia Issues Paper
21/06/2021 CIB 360: Gazettal of 2021/22 Landgate regulated fees and commercial (non-regulated) price increase
03/06/2021 CIB 359: 2021/22 Landgate regulated fee and commercial (non-regulated) price increases
10/05/2021 CIB 358: Changes to examination of electronically lodged caveats
27/04/2021 CIB 357: Landgate's COVID-Safe offices remain open
16/03/2021 CIB 356: Landgate's new COVID-Safe way of operating
12/03/2021 CIB 355: WA Participation Rules and WA Operating Requirements Version 6
05/02/2021 CIB 354: Landgate customer service arrangements from 8 February 2021
31/01/2021 CIB 353: Change in Landgate customer service arrangements
21/01/2021 CIB 352: Changes to strata forms from 1 February
15/12/2020 CIB 351: Lodgement of Plans or New Title applications
02/12/2020 CIB 350: Christmas opening hours
30/11/2020 CIB 349: COVID-19 mandatory contact register
11/11/2020 CIB 348: Exemption to Registrar and Commissioner’s VOI Requirements – Paper Transactions
09/11/2020 CIB 347: Changes to self-lodgement process
21/10/2020 CIB 346: Competitive market structure in the eConveyancing market
20/10/2020 CIB 345: Survivorship applications available to be lodged electronically
09/10/2020 CIB 344: Response to stimulus packages for plans and new titles
23/09/2020 CIB 343: COVID-19 response witnessing of statutory declarations
03/09/2020 CIB 342: Plan examination priority and readiness to proceed requirements
15/07/2020 CIB 341: Updated release of strata forms
22/06/2020 CIB 340: End of Financial Year document lodgement
10/06/2020 CIB 339: Gazettal of 2020/21 Landgate regulated fee and commercial (non-regulated) price increases
29/05/2020 CIB 338: 2020/21 Landgate regulated fee and commercial (non-regulated) price increases
08/05/2020 CIB 337: Requirements for the certification of copies of original supporting documents
24/04/2020 CIB 336: WA strata reform - new approved forms
09/04/2020 CIB 335: 1 May 2020 change to strata titles law - transitional guide for strata titles scheme lodgements
30/03/2020 CIB 334: COVID-19 Landgate Customer Service Arrangements
27/03/2020 CIB 333: Self-lodgement extended
23/03/2020 CIB 332: Self-lodgement trial
20/03/2020 CIB 331: COVID-19 Impacts on requirements for Verification of Identity inside and outside Australia and document witnessing outside of Australia
19/03/2020 CIB 330: COVID-19 Customer Update
13/03/2020 CIB 329: Increased scope for electronic lodgement of land registry documents in relation to evidence
07/02/2020 CIB 328: Further increased scope for electronic lodgement of land registry documents
24/01/2020 CIB 327: Increased scope for electronic lodgement of land registry documents
02/12/2019 CIB 326: Holiday opening hours
01/11/2019 CIB 325: Adjustment to counter opening hours
21/10/2019 CIB 324: Compliance with Verification of Identity (VOI) Practice for self-represented parties
10/09/2019 CIB 323: Landgate transaction delivers for Western Australia
01/07/2019 CIB 322: New guides replace Strata Titles Practice Manual
14/06/2019 CIB 321: End of Financial Year document lodgement
29/05/2019 CIB 320: Gazettal of 2019/20 Landgate regulated fee and commercial (non-regulated) charges increases
14/02/2019 CIB 319: Implementation of the WA Participation Rules V5 and WA Operating Requirements V5
03/12/2018 CIB 318: Electronic lodgement of eligible land registry documents now in effect
26/11/2018 CIB 317: Reminder - Request to accept paper lodgement coversheet required
01/11/2018 CIB 316: Electronic lodgement and paper lodgement
01/10/2018 CIB 315: Electronic Conveyancing from 1 December 2018
25/09/2018 CIB 314: Trial of revised plan examination priority
27/08/2018 CIB 313: Land titling forms are now electronic
02/07/2018 CIB 312: Electronic Conveyancing
27/06/2018 CIB 311: Landgate to remain a strong, innovative statutory authority
20/06/2018 CIB 310: Gazettal of 2018/2019 Landgate regulated fee and commercial (non-regulated) price increases
15/06/2018 CIB 309: End of Financial Year Document Lodgement
01/06/2018 CIB 308: 2018/2019 Landgate regulated fee and commercial (non-regulated) price increases
31/05/2018 CIB 307 REMINDER: 5 June 2018- Full Compliance with updated Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice: Verification of Identity (VOI) and Authority (VOI Practice)
13/04/2018 CIB 306 Extension of transition period for electronic lodgement of eligible land title documents
31/01/2018 CIB 305 Change to Registrar and Commissioner of Titles’ Joint Practice: Verification of Identity and Authority – fraud mitigation
23/01/2018 CIB 304 Perth office move
24/11/2017 CIB 303 Gazettal of electronic conveyancing regulations
21/11/2017 CIB 302 Modified Lot Sync Process
18/10/2017 CIB 301 Launch of Property Reporting Online service
25/08/2017 CIB 300 New commencement date – updated Registrar and Commissioner of Titles’ Joint Practice: Verification of Identity and Authority (VOI Practice)
22/08/2017 CIB 299 Change to Registrar and Commissioner of Titles’ Joint Practice: Verification of Identity and Authority – fraud mitigation
01/08/2017 CIB 298 New guides replace Land Titles Registration Practice Manual
11/07/2017 CIB 297 Electronic lodgement of land transfer by regulation
23/06/2017 CIB 296 2017/18 Landgate regulated fee and commercial (non-regulated) price increases
01/06/2017 CIB 295 2017/18 Landgate regulated fee and commercial (non-regulated) price notification
30/05/2017 CIB 294 End of Financial Year document lodgement
30/05/2017 CIB 293 Electronic plan template
25/05/2017 CIB 292 Implementation of the WA Participation rules V4 and WA Operating Requirements V4
24/05/2017 CIB 291 National Mortgage Form
21/03/2017 CIB 290 Registrar of Titles’ information sessions on electronic lodgement
13/12/2016 CIB 289 Electronic lodgement of eligible documents
10/10/2016 CIB 288 The move to paperless conveyancing
19/07/2016 CIB 287 Lodgement of Strata Plan forms
01/06/2016 CIB 286 Lodgement of the Strata Titles General Regulations 1996 (STGR) Forms
31/05/2016 CIB 285 End of Financial Year Document Lodgement 30 June 2016
23/05/2016 CIB 284 Changes to the Land Titles Registration Practice Manual
20/05/2016 CIB 283 Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Requirements published
19/05/2016 CIB 282 Endorsement of Strata Title numbers on the Strata Titles General
13/05/2016 CIB 281 Registrar and Commissioner of Titles requirements published 
12/05/2016 CIB 280 Changes to address requirements for Western Australia’s land registry forms
29/04/2016 CIB 279 Collection of documents at Bunbury to cease after 29 April 2016
26/04/2016 CIB 278 Certification of evidence by Australia Post
21/04/2016 CIB 277 Electronic lodgement of stand-alone Mortgages and Discharges
04/04/2016 CIB 276 Mortgage and Transfer update: Revised forms and changes to form approvals
03/03/2016CIB 275 Bunbury document lodgement service to close on 29 April 2016

Previous Customer Information Bulletins

CIB 274 Electronic Conveyancing: WA Participation Rules version 3.1 and WA Operating Requirements version 3.1 15/01/2015
CIB 273 Proposed Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Verification of Identity and Authority Requirements - Paper  13/11/2015
CIB 272 Additional pages in Transfer documents 12/11/2015
CIB 271 Changes to the Land Title Registration Practice Manual 29/10/2015
CIB 270 Barcodes on Lodgement Slips to be phased out by 16 November 2015 22/10/2015
CIB 269 Electronic Conveyancing: publication of Western Australia’s Participation Rules (version 3) and Operating Requirements (version 3) 21/10/2015
CIB 268 Change in Practice : the requirement to process dealings over leases of Crown land where the duplicate lease has not been produced 06/10/2015
CIB 267 Update: Changes to lodgement services effective 1 September 2015  01/09/2015
CIB 266 Changes to lodgement services effective 1 September 2015 22/07/2015
CIB 265 Changes to Lodgement Acceptability Check and Requisition notification from 20 July 2015 17/07/2015
CIB 264 Landgate's regulated products and services will be subject to new fees (applicable 2015) 10/06/2015
CIB 263 National Electronic Conveyancing in WA: New functionality in PEXA from 25 May 04/05/2015
CIB 262 Plan status name change 10/04/2015
CIB 261 Systems maintenance Midland building 17/03/2015
CIB 260 Proposed national mortgage form consultation 12/12/2014
CIB 259 Amended lot sync processing 04/12/2014
CIB 258 Photo card equivalent to a proof of age card 27/112014
CIB 257 Verification of identity and e-Conveyancing 17/11/2014
CIB 256 Standard lot sync process 02/10/2014
CIB 255 Mortgage forms M1A and M1B have been updated 11/11/2014
CIB 254 Release of edition 12.0 of the land titles registration practice manual 21/08/2014
CIB 253 News of reported land title fraud in Canberra 24/07/2014
CIB 252 Verification of identity: be diligent in fraud mitigation practices 04/07/2014
CIB 251 Modified lot sync process 30/06/2014
CIB 250 Notification of Landgate's fees for commercial products and services (applicable 2014/15) 25/06/2014
CIB 249 Broadband networks in apartment buildings 30/05/2014
CIB 248 Notification of products and services fees (applicable 2014/15) 30/05/2014
CIB 247 Western Australia Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice 09/05/2014
CIB 246 National electronic conveyancing in Western Australia 22/04/2014
CIB 245 Expected increases in new titles requests 27/03/2014
CIB 244 2014 Discontinuances and memorials 25/03/2014
CIB 243 EBIS Upgrade: MyLandgate and shopfront offline over Easter 14/03/2014
CIB 242 Verification of identity: remain vigilant fraudsters have not disappeared 24/12/2013
CIB 241 New edition of the land titles registration practice manual 12/12/2013
CIB 240 Urgent reminder: document and identity verification over the festive season 22/11/2013
CIB 239 Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice: verification of identity 13/11/2013
CIB 238 Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice: verification of identity 22/10/2013
CIB 237 Extract: notice to surveyors (T3/2013) 21/10/2013
CIB 236 The verification of identity practice: fraud mitigation strategy 22/08/2013
CIB 235 Partial removal of retirement villages ACT 1992 memorials 23/07/2013
CIB 234 Fees (2013/14) 02/07/2013
CIB 233 New standard transfer and mortgage forms and new practice for the removal of time expired restrictive covenants 28/06/2013
CIB 232 Fee charge for NotifyMe removed on a permanent basis (applicable 2013) 28/06/2013
CIB 231 Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice: verification of identity 07/06/2013
CIB 230 Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice: verification of identity 09/04/2013
CIB 229 Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Title Joint Practice: verification of identity 08/04/2013
CIB 228 Information session: e-Conveyancing update 04/04/2013
CIB 227 Turnaround times for registration activities 01/02/2013
CIB 226 The Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice 20/12/2012
CIB 225 National e-Conveyancing information session 19/11/2012
CIB 224 Information session: national e-Conveancing 07/11/2012
CIB 223 Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice: verification of identity 29/10/2012
CIB 222 Industry training workshops: regional dates and locations 26/09/2012
CIB 221 Amendment to industry training workshops: start times 18/09/2012
CIB 220 Industry training workshops: new dates and locations land titles registration practice manual updated 17/09/2012
CIB 219 Industry training workshops: Western Australian Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice 05/09/2012
CIB 218 Industry training workshops 22/08/2012
CIB 217 Fees (applicable 2012/13) 26/06/2012
CIB 216 Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice: verification of identity 22/06/2012
CIB 215 Fees (applicable 2012/13) 08/06/2012
CIB 214 Verification of identity inclusion of transitional provisions 23/05/2012
CIB 213 Commonly occurring errors in strata documentation 23/04/2012
CIB 212 Registrar and Commissioner of Titles Joint Practice 20/04/2012
CIB 211 Information session: national e-Conveyancing 16/04/2012
CIB 210 Overseas witnessing and identity verification requirements 05/10/2011
CIB 209 New look duplicate Certificate of Title 05/10/2011
CIB 208 New caveats for land owners 30/08/2011
CIB 207 New caveats for land owners (superseded by CIB 208) 19/08/2011
CIB 206 Improved identity security in property transactions 18/08/2011
CIB 205 Fees, prices and charging approved (applicable 2011/12)  02/06/2011
CIB 204 Proposed fees (applicable 2011) 27/05/2011
CIB 203 Document lodgement fees and requisitioning of underpayment of document lodgement fees 28/03/2011
CIB 202 Applications to the Commissioner of Titles under section 75 of the Transfer of Land Act 1893 24/12/2010
CIB 201 Have you identified your client? 17/09/2010
CIB 200 Changes to document lodgements at Landgate counters 05/07/2010
CIB 199 Fees approved (applicable 2010/11) 30/06/2010
CIB 198 Fees proposed (applicable 2010/11) 24/05/2010
CIB 197 Lot synchronisation: for new subdivisions 19/05/2010
CIB 196 Requests to expedite the processing of plans and document 17/02/2010
CIB 195 Miscellaneous plan and strata/survey strata plans 08/01/2010
CIB 194 Why property professionals should undertake title search 29/10/2009
CIB 193 Charging for survey plans 06/07/2009
CIB 192 Lodgement hours to be extended for end of financial year 23/06/2009
CIB 191 The suppression of names and data extracts 23/06/2009
CIB 190 Multi-purpose facility and July 2009 fee increase approved (applicable 2009) 22/06/2009
CIB 189 Proposed Saturday lodgements 16/06/2009
CIB 188 Disruption to business: early close 16 June 2009 11/06/2009
CIB 187 Fees proposed (applicable 2009) 03/06/2009
CIB 186 Fees (applicable 2009) 24/12/2008
CIB 185 Evidence of change of names of registered proprietors 12/09/2008
CIB 0184 Fees proposed (applicable 2009) 30/05/2008
CIB 0182 Perth Business Office Relocation 18/03/2008
CIB 0181 Transfer by Attorney or Administration to Self or Family Member 12/03/2008
CIB 0180 Lodging a court order extending the operation of a Caveat pursuant to Section 138B (2)(b)TLA 30/08/2007
CIB 0179 Execution by Director Secretary of Documents by a company without a common seal 29/06/2007
CIB 0178 Fees proposed (applicable 2007)05/06/2007  
CIB 0177 EAS2 Enhancement - Address Verification 05/06/2007
CIB 0176 Stopped Documents - introduction of Pilot Telephone Requisition Service 26/02/2007
CIB 0175 Stat Decs for TLA, Uplifting Requisition Documents, Practice Manual - new editions 18/01/2007
CIB 0174 Notification to Amend Address, Witnesses in Transfers 12/12/2006
CIB 0173 Landgate - On the Drawing Board 16/10/2006
CIB 0172 Updated Practice Manual, Stop Documents Top 20 of 2006, Refund of Document Lodgement Fees 12/10/2006
CIB 0171 Important Notice - Major System Upgrade - Early Closure and Late Opening of Business 21/09/2006
CIB 0170 EBIS Payment of Fast Track Fees, NECS Update 2006, PSSO Form updates 07/09/2006
CIB 0169 URGENT Landgate is now 72 Hrs old 01/09/2006
CIB 0168 Email Searches, Landgate Account Payment Online, Midland Refirb, Field books and Crown Surveys 24/08/2006
CIB 0167 ANZLIC Standing Committee, Survey on Property Rights, Obligations and Restrictions (ROR) 01/08/2006
CIB 0166 Stop Doc per old Stat Decs, Evidence for Dec of Trusts, Duplex printing, Guide to Strata Titles booklet 14/07/2006
CIB 0165 EBIS payment of Fast Track and Reqs, Amendment of Docs, Improved EAS2 functions 23/06/2006
CIB 0164 Fees proposed (applicable 2006)19/06/2006
CIB 0163 Fast Track, Practice Manuals, Landgate Information 21/04/2006
CIB 0162 P and D Act, City of Stirling Joins EAS2, Accountability for plans Reg 54 05/04/2006
CIB 0161 Stop Doc per old Stat Decs, Notice to surveyors T1 and T2 of 2006, Interests in Land Register 15/02/2006
CIB 0160 General Outline of the Strata Titles General Amendment Regulations 2006 02/02/2006
CIB 0159 Changes to Stat Decs under the Oaths, Affadavits and Statutory Declarations Act 2005 05/01/2006
CIB 0158 Price Changes and Enhancements to EAS2 21/12/2005
CIB 0157 Stop Fee, New Ct priority, Outstanding Req fee (applicable 2005), LEN Progress enquiry, Discharge Mod RC Easement 4A TLA 13/12/2005
CIB 0156 Land Enquiry Information and Tips 15/10/2005
CIB 0155 Consents to discharge modify RCs and Easements, Content of Consents, Consent Forms 03/10/2005
CIB 0154 Document lodgements and searching affected by systems shutdown 03/10/2005
CIB 0153 Fast Track, Standard Plan Process DP and SP, Reduced Requisition fee, Easiform tips 30/06/2005
CIB 0152 New fees, DX Mail, EAS2, New Look CTs (applicable 2005)22/06/2005
CIB 0151 Fees proposed (applicable 2005)07/06/2005
CIB 0150 Non-Advertising Lost CTs, Revoking EPA by Death of Donor, Registering Interests 01/06/2005
CIB 0149 New Forms (A10, A11, A12, T7, T8), Transitional provisions for Writs and Warrants 20/05/2005
CIB 0148 WA CTs, Change of Practice - Leases over CTs not produced 04/05/2005
CIB 0147 Easiforms, SmartPlan changes, Creating Easements on SP, NDI requests, Landgate phones, Terminate SP 15/04/2005
CIB 0146 Converting Multi Polygon Multi Tenure Certificates of Title 24/03/2005
CIB 0145 Customer Remote Searching (CRS) 09/02/2005
CIB 0144 Remote Search customers urged to conduct online PC test 11/01/2005
CIB 0143 Urgent Request letters faxes, Execution by Company, Christmas message 23/12/2005
CIB 0142 Lodge Party details, Bunbury Office changes, Easiform trial, CRS System online, Region Scheme Cert Sys 30/11/2004
CIB 0141 EAS2 fees, Water Corp fees, Local Govt fees, Dept Treasury Fin fees (applicable 2004), Party Walls, Interstate postcodes 13/10/2004
CIB 0140 Fees proposed (applicable 2004) 23/08/2004
CIB 0139 Job Opps, EAS2 Fee, Issue Box agreements, PoA by Corporations, TPD Act Memorial now Notification 23/07/2003
CIB 0138 Management Statements, New A6 Form, Part Lot CTs, NDI in approved form, Consents, Forms online 31/03/2004
CIB 0137 Carbon Rights Act and Tree Plantation Agreements Act Introduction 23/03/2004
CIB 0136 Lodging Docs with known errors, SP DP Inset, Carbon Rights, Notice to Surveyors, Previous CIB 09/03/2004
CIB 0135 New Registrar, Mortgage Fraud, Caveats improper dealings, DP IOFD with RC, Sec 70ATLA and 12A TPD 23/12/2003
CIB 0134 Document lodgement now available from 8am Monday, 15th December 2003 09/12/2003
CIB 0133 Anticipated disruption to document lodgements, Title searching and Online Searching 22/11/2003
CIB 0132 Lost CT advertising fees (applicable 2003), 14 Days or 21 Days Notice, EAS2 enhancements, Pre-allocation Field books 17/09/2003
CIB 0131 Liquid Paper, Fees for DP Apps (applicable 2003), Evidence, EAS2, NonDigital Sup Dup CTs 23/07/2003
CIB 0130 DOLA has a new name 11/07/2003
CIB 0129 Substitute provisions for Enduring Power of Attorneys 26/06/2003
CIB 0128 Fees (applicable 2003) 06/2003
CIB 0127 Crown Rego fees(applicable 2003), Interests in Crown Land not Registered before 29 March 2003 25/02/2003
CIB 0126 EAS2 Update, Electronic and Photocopy reproduction of Docs, LEGFIX procedure, Common Stop Docs 12/2002
CIB 0125 DOLA to become a Statutory Authority 04/11/2002
CIB 0124 Witnessing, LRC Advice Service, DOLA Website, Crown Lease Conversion 15/08/2002
CIB 0123 Registrar Practice Note 5, Settlements in PBO, 29/05/2002
CIB 0122 Registrar Practice Note 4, Strata Street Address, Amendment Crown Land parcels, Strata lodgement 03/2002
CIB 0121 Amendment of Lot Descriptions (Parcel Identifiers) for SmartRegister 07/12/2001
CIB 0120 CIB in Digital format and Subscribe, Progress Issuing Enquiries, DOLA internal marking codes 23/08/2001
CIB 0119 RC expiry dates, Paper and Dig CT Doc prep, Practice Manual Ed 7, Stopped Docs, Free CAS enquiries 06/07/2001
CIB 0118 Fees (applicable 2001) 27/06/2001
CIB 0117 Lost Title form fee change (applicable 2001), Balance Titles, Dps and Crown Plans, Issuing Box Numbers 23/04/2001
CIB 0116 CIB Overview, SMR Balance Titles, Apps to add remove Easement Covenent Bens, DPs 02/2001
CIB 0115 SMR DPs GST fees (applicable 2001) - Strata titles gen amendment regs no 4 2000 17/11/2001
CIB 0114 Suvey plans - notification of planning conds Rectification of lot no anomalies 09/2001
CIB 0113 Land reg practice manuals EPAs max no of donees 08/2000
CIB 0112 GST (applicable 2000), Form 28 amends Changes to stop doc procedures LRC 07/2000
CIB 0111 CC and eft payment options New fees (applicable 2000) 09/06/2000
CIB 0110 GST on Dola products and services (applicable 2000)05/2000
CIB 0109 Stopped Document Pilot 11/02/2000
CIB 0108 New caveat endorsement Reprint tla Cib 107 amended Evidence with docs 29/10/1999
CIB 0107 Registrars Practice No 3 17/08/1999
CIB 0106 ST manual Transfers that do not effect a chg of legal ownership on the Register 20/07/1999
CIB 0105 Removal of single dwelling RCs Direct ph nos on bank docs Blank pages Ink colour New fee (applicable  1999) 19/05/1999
CIB 0104 Registrars Prac Notes 1 and 2 Guidelines for crown land register 16/04/1999
CIB 0103 Removal of encumb on termination of stratas Mortgages 18/12/1998
CIB 0102 Crown encumbrances Company law review act 1998 Advice fo laa 1997 25/09/1998
CIB 0101 New A4 titles Survey info fiche quality Benefits shown in land desc 28/07/1998
CIB 0097 Amending names on cts Lodging party contact ref Early Issue stickers Tours Advice faxes 17/04/1998
CIB 0096 New practices n services under the LAA 1997 20/03/1998
CIB 0094 Tenancy on transfers Strata forms from SLP 22/12/1997
CIB 0093 Registrars pkts NDIs STA reg forms Water corp mems 10/11/1997
CIB 0092 Mgees power of sale under the CCC 22/10/1997
CIB 0091 Stopped docs Doc lodgement proc MS EAS changes 11/09/1997
CIB 0090 New Survey and Plan Practice Man 11/07/1997
CIB 0089 Self assess Fax searching Iss boxes 30/06/1997
CIB 0088 Forms approval TLA 23/05/1997
CIB 0087 TLA Amendment Act delayed 17/01/1997
CIB 0086 Stratas misc 17/01/1997
CIB 0085 ACN nos EPAs Vesting TLAA misc 09/01/1997
CIB 0083 TLAA passed Form approval 06/12/1996
CIB 0082 CRS Stop docs Easements 25/10/1996
CIB 0081 Subject to dealing flagging SPs 13/09/1996
CIB 0080 Deferred headworks EPAs conditional alternate attorneys 19/07/1996
CIB 0079 Fees (applicable 1996)14/06/1996
CIB 0078 RestCov exp dates TLA approved forms MS 30/05/1996
CIB 0076 Mortgagors address Attestation Changes to STA 22/03/1996
CIB 0075 CRS Memorandum common provs A2a 16/02/1996
CIB 0074 Certifieds Binding Letters amending docs 15/12/1995
CIB 0073 NTS issuing Forms Christmas Island, Cocos Keeling 17/11/1995
CIB 0072 Legal Endorsements, IOFD Notification, Sketches in Docs, Certifieds, Urgents, Practice Man 15/09/1995
CIB 0071 Issuing boxes Lodging details Caveators attestation 15/07/1995
CIB 0070 Hrs of business - doc acceptance Lodging SPs and Apps Crown Land conveyancing 28/04/1995
CIB 0069 Early issue Estate rest covs and Height restrictions 24/02/1995
CIB 0068 New doc iss system POA exempt from duty 09/01/1995
CIB 0067 Sim lodging of SPs n Aplns EPAs 09/12/1994
CIB 0066 Stop docs Updating title nos Accounts Misc 23/09/1994
CIB 0065 Advice Early issue Lapsed cavs CRS users 19/07/1994
CIB 0064 Land tax CAS payments 23/05/1994
CIB 0063 CRS dialup Fax back blanks Data errors 08/04/1994
CIB 0062 Pensioner rebates adj rates Misc 24/01/1994
CIB 0061 Writs DAS stopdocs Sketches on docs Doc mgt 25/10/1993
CIB 0060 Practice chg Survivorships Graphic bank crown surveys Misc 27/07/1993
CIB 0059 DOLAs relocation to Midland 13/07/1993
CIB 0058 PBO to be established 25/05/1993
CIB 0057 Check searches during failures Mail proc 14/05/1993
CIB 0056 T4 Survey copies and IOFD 28/04/1993
CIB 0055 EPAs12/02/1993
CIB 0054 Survey Plan IOFD Power of sale pt2, Rest covs18/12/1992
CIB 0053 Rest covs Acceptance procedure12/11/1992
CIB 0052 Indefeasible title Sigs Power of sale Survey plan prints01/11/1992
CIB 0051 Foreign register Caveats over CLRs18/09/1992
CIB 0050 Issuing box, Sub to deal status on CTs, Foreign reg27/08/1992
CIB 0049 Fees (applicable 1992)10/07/1992
CIB 0048 Survey plan approval - date advice Power of sale transfers03/07/1992
CIB 0047 Ex-owners microf A4 doc intro ID deceased prop07/05/1992
CIB 0046 Auto marking of CTs Issuing cancelled dups23/03/1992
CIB 0045 ACN numbers S541 Corporations Act Auto fax back 07/02/1992
CIB 0044 A4 docs New survey index plans Calendar19/12/1991
CIB 0043 Register 2000 Caveats Getting it right booklet Social Justice Award15/10/1991
CIB 0042 Customer education Adverse poss Freehold diag forms12/09/1991
CIB 0041 Fees (applicable 1991) 26/07/1991
CIB 0040 A4 docs Bar coding Fax services 24/06/1991
CIB 0039 Land Enquiry Centre, Changes to Search Procedures, Register 2000 updates 03/05/1991
CIB 0038 DOLA moving to Midland 25/03/1991
CIB 0037 Fax Services 25/02/1991
CIB 0036 Corporations 10/01/1991
CIB 0035 Practice Manual and Directors Christmas Message 18/12/1990
CIB 0034 Graphic Bank Crown Surveys self help, Stop Docs, Register 2000 09/11/1990
CIB 0033 Portion Caveats, Stops Docs Amendment letters, Transfer Lease, Remote Searching 13/08/1990
CIB 0032 Fees (applicable 1990) 01/08/1990
CIB 0031 Index To Customer Information Bulletins 12/06/1990
CIB 0030 Stop Docs, Searches, Sketches in Docs 07/05/1990
CIB 0029 Stamp Duty amendments on docs, Strata and Villa Title legislation, Self Help 16/03/1990
CIB 0028 Dup CT production, Caveats, Mortgages - Photocopy searches, Title collection boxes 26/01/1990
CIB 0027 Land Act conveyancing, Dup CT Production, Advice Officer checking documents18/12/1989
CIB 0026 Fees (applicable 1989), Stop Docs, Fax Service extended, Public Seminar, Business activity in LTO 09/10/1989
CIB 0025 Public Seminar 26/09/1989
CIB 0024 Crown Grants 28/08/1989
CIB 0023 Land Act change procedures, New Title Production, Issuing, Registration Fees21/08/1989
CIB 0022  Fees (applicable 1989)09/08/1989
CIB 0021 14 Days Notices, Registration extended hours, Faxing Service extended 16/06/1989
CIB 0020 Early Issue Titles Surveys, Considerations, Check Search System Failure05/05/1989
CIB 0019 Defence Services Homes Amendment Act, Crown Grants Section relocated11/04/1989
CIB 0018 Digital Products from State Land Enquiry Centre, Topographic Data - Payment for Services24/02/1989
CIB 0017 Inc Assoc Execution, Home Buyers Scheme, Advice - Customer Service24/02/1989
CIB 0016 Searches NOIT - Crown Road Closure, Caveat sheet, Survey Advice03/02/1989
CIB 0015 Titles Office Faxing Service06/01/1989
CIB 0014 WA Teachers Financial Society Ltd, Ext Mortgages, Advice Officers21/12/1988
CIB 0013 Extension Of Titles Office Faxing Service16/12/1988
CIB 0012 Doc Amendments, Title Check Searches, Customer Training, Field Books17/11/1988
CIB 0011 Notice To All Principals26/10/1988
CIB 0010 Improved Service For Clients14/10/1988
CIB 0009 Strata Title Plans07/09/1988
CIB 0008 Review of Registration Procedures 08/09/1988
CIB 0007 New Procedures for Lodging Documents 19/08/1988
CIB 0006 Microfilming of Index Plans 07/06/1988
CIB 0005 Powers of Attorney 19/05/1988
CIB 0004 Delays in obtaining title searches 20/04/1988
CIB 0003 AMG Index Plan Searches30/03/1988
CIB 0002 Importance of Registration 15/03/1988
CIB 0001 Customer Services Centre - Law Chambers 09/03/1988

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